Laura Guttridge

The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.


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A leading women’s magazine, More has featured Laura Guttridge In its Swimsuit Issue. To appear in this issue, Guttridge was chosen from more than 20,000 entrants by More. She inspires and encourages the women of her age with her youthful looks and charming personality.

More magazine is regarded as the voice of sophisticated, affluent and accomplished women of today. It celebrates women over the age of 40 and invites them to share their experiences and connect with other members of the magazine. Besides personal experiences, the magazine also offers advice on beauty, health, fashion, career and lots more.

Model Laura Guttridge

Model Laura Guttridge is featuring at More Magazine (At Right Corner Down)

Laura Guttridge has achieved great success in modeling, and was a United States finalist of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in 1991. In the year 1998, she was also crowned Miss Budweiser. She has also appeared on numerous calendars, swimsuit posters, and magazines.

Laura Guttridge’s Events and TV appearances

Guttridge is the co-host of a popular TV/Internet talk show called Dr. Josefina’s Way. The show is hosted by Dr. Josephina, and is aimed at encouraging people to live a healthy, productive, and passionate life.

Besides Dr. Josefina’s Way, Guttridge has appeared in a number of national TV shows including “Inside Edition”, “Renegade”, “Silk Stalkings”, and “Current Affair”.

Currently, Laura Guttridge is a well known animal rights activist who works for the protection of animals. She was also the Co/founder of Marion County Voices For Animals, a small animal rights group in Ocala, Florida where she served as its past president. The group worked for promoting the rights, and protection of animals.

Laura Guttridge participated in the promotion of PETA’S Vegetarian Starter Kit. The kit includes a wide range of recipes, and a complete guide on how to become a vegetarian. She encourages people to adapt to a vegetarian diet. She believes that a meat-free diet not only benefits the animals, but it also benefits our own health, and the health of the planet.

Laura Guttridge at PETA's AnimalTimes

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge at PETA’s AnimalTimes

Laura Guttridge has also written a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat”. The story was inspired from a real life cat named Gypsy that she rescued many years ago. The book encourages children to love and respect animals.


Author: Laura Guttridge

Apart from being a former swimsuit model, charitable fundraiser & co-host of 'Healthy Power TV', Laura is against all forms of animal cruelty. She strongly encourages people to respect animals, and the environment as well. Laura holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Central Florida, and is the author of a children's book titled ‘Gypsy the Christmas Cat.' The book is based on the real life story of a cat the author rescued many years ago.

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