Laura Guttridge

The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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Laura Guttridge is a wife, caring mother, college graduate, author, animal activist and a beautiful former swimsuit model. Her love for animals has been persistent.

Animal Activist Laura - Raises Her Voice Against Animal Cruelty

Animal Rights Activist Laura Guttridge

Being a well known animal activist she was the co/founder of an animal’s right group in the early 90’s called Marion County Voices for animals located in Central Florida. MCVA protested against the use of animals for meat, fur, experimentation, and entertainment. They were also successful in petitioning the Marion County Animal Shelter to stop using the cruel, and outdated decompression chamber to kill unwanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection.

On National Hot Dog Day in Washington DC, Laura collaborated with PETA and served vegetarian hot dogs. Laura and other women modeled as Lettuce Ladies, wearing lettuce bikinis to encourage people, (mainly targeting politicians and interns) to adapt to a vegan lifestyle.

Laura tries to instill a sense of ‘Humanity’ towards animals, and encourages people to adapt to a plant based diet. Laura believes that the lower one eats on the food chain the healthier they will be. As a consequence fewer animals will be slaughtered for consumption, in turn placing less stress on the planet as a whole. She always has and continues to work for animal welfare with dedication and passion.

Laura Guttridge On PETA's Animal Times

Animal Activist Appears on PETA’s Animal Times for her devotion towards animals

In her recent endeavors, she also penned a book titled Gypsy the Christmas cat, quoting her real encounter with a cat named “Gypsy”. The book encourages children to show compassion, and respect towards animals.