Laura Guttridge

The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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Laura Guttridge is the co-host for a TV/internet chat show called “Dr. Josephina’s way” The main motto of this show is to encourage people to live a healthy, and well thought out life. Apart from this show, Laura was also featured in various national television shows like, ‘Inside Edition’, ‘current affair’, ‘Renegade’, and ‘Silk Stalking’.

Laura Guttridge is a passionate woman with strong ethics, and beliefs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from The University of Central Florida. Her work as a philosophy student is published in the University’s library. She is a former swimsuit model, and became a finalist in The Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant in 1991. She was crowned “Miss Budweiser” 1998, and in 2005 Laura was featured in “More Magazine’s” swimsuit edition, where she was chosen from over 20,000 entrants. Laura has also appeared on dozens of swimsuit calendars, and posters throughout the years.

Laura Guttridge is also a passionate animal lover. In the early 1990’s, she started a small animal rights group called “Marion County Voice for the Animals” located in Central Florida. The group was successful in urging the local animal shelter to stop using the out dated decompression chamber to kill un-wanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection. Here is the list of major protest, campaigns, programs and rallies in which she participated with full zeal and enthusiasm for animal rights:

  • Laura Guttridge is currently a member of the boards of director for The Animals Rights Foundation of Florida. ARFF is an animal rights organization that promotes the rights, and ethical treatment of animals.

Activist Laura Guttridge

  • Laura modeled as a PETA Lettuce Lady, at the 20th Gala for “The Animals Rights Foundation of Florida(Lettuce Ladies promote a veg lifestyle)” . This event was hosted by Bob Barker and attended by prominent personalities such as Pamela Anderson.
  • Laura proved her dedication after getting arrested twice. Once while protesting against Florida’s Annual Youth Deer Hunt in the Ocala National Forest, and secondly, while participating in an anti -fur protest organized by San Diego Advocates.
  • In 2002 Laura was a top signature gatherer, collecting over 5,000 signatures that helped lead to the banning of the cruel confinement of pigs on factory farms in Florida.
  • She was acknowledged with The Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2007 from the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County.
  • Laura organized a successful Earth Day Rally to save a costal hammock from destruction in Vero Beach Florida.