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The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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When was the last time one saw open green fields, and lush woodlands apart from the countryside? Greenery seems like a lost sight. What’s more shocking is that we have all been a part of an era with beautiful lush green woody islands, beautifully plush trees, etc. Days gone by, had the best scenic abode with people facing the least heath issues as the flora and fauna was diverse.

These days we are cutting down old growth forest, coastal woodlands, and destroying greenery all for so called progress.

Well known animal activist, and nature lover, Laura Guttridge recently organized an Earth Day Rally along with other members of her community. The enthusiastic Barrier Island residents gathered one afternoon to oppose the destruction of one of the last remaining coastal hammocks in the state of Florida.

Laura Guttridge on Earth Day Rally

Laura Guttridge on Earth Day Rally

Laura mentioned that she and her daughter enjoyed watching the wildlife in the central beach community that consisted of bobcats, tortoises, and other various beautiful species. However, there was an underlying thought that perturbed Laura. She knew ofa plan that was underway to destroy this beautiful greenery, and home to so many wildlife species. This proposed plan would turn this beautiful green space into nothing more than a parking lot.

Keeping that thought alive, Laura organized this Rally to save the woodlands of central beach. She said that instead of a protest, she would like to organize an Earth Day Rally celebrating the reprieve of the woodlands from immediate destruction.

Laura burned midnight oil with her friends and family to make this event a success. She tapped in to the social media to help spread the word, and to gather support to help save the precious woodlands.

Laura’s thought process was to inculcate a sense and feeling of belonging in the heart and minds of the young students, and teachers of the Beach Side elementary school. She wanted the students to appreciate the beauty of an untainted,and natural environmental setting.

Laura along with her team of organizers showed great concerns to unite the Indian River school district with the Indian River land trust with a motive to save and create an advanced conservation element to protect the hammock permanently.


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“Gypsy the Christmas Cat” – A Holy Noble That Describes The Animal Love – By Laura Guttridge

Laura Guttridge is a well-known animal activist who dedicates countless hours to help raise the much needed funds for animal charities and other noble causes.Her love for animals started from her childhood days. Laura believes that animals should have the right to live their lives free from the suffering and pain caused by humans.


Gypsy The Christmas Cat - By Laura Guttridge

Gypsy The Christmas Cat by Laura Guttridge

Moreover, she is also an author of a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat” which is based on her own life experience with a cat she rescued many years ago.The book was published by The Strategic Book Group.This book was written for children, which teaches them about compassion, and respect towards animals. Its main aim is to create awareness among children to be patient and kind towards animals. The words used in this book clearly show her caring attitude towards animals. This book is still available on-line.


Laura Guttridge earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The University of Central Florida. Her work as a student is published in the university’s library. She was given the “2007 Humanitarian of The Year Award”presented to her by the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County for her hard work and dedication towards the cause of animals.


Laura Guttridge was also the founder of the small animal rights group called “Marion County Voices for Animals”based in Ocala, Florida. Presently, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Animal Rights Foundation in Florida. ARFF has been working for the protection of animals since 1989. She herself as a vegetarian also promotes a veg lifestyle through PETA ’s vegetarian starter kits.

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Laura always loved ballet. As a little girl, living in Chicago; she danced ballet traveling in the EL train to take classes from the suburbs without fail.

Later on moving to Ocala Florida, she continued her passion for ballet. Laura was always inclined towards ballet as a genre of dance and each year right from teens to early 20s, auditioned for the local production of ‘The Nutcracker” ballet. She always hoped to be casted for the most glamorous role as the Arabian Princess. However, to her dismay, she was never chosen for that role, and was instead always casted as a flower, snowflake, mouse, or candy cane.

Laura Guttridge Preparing For Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura Guttridge – Before Ballet Performance In Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura never gave up on her passion and lived her dreams through her daughter Celeste, by putting her in Vero Classical Ballet’s Annual Nutcracker. Laura’s husband, Lawyer Bobby is a fantastic dancer himself, based on which he was offered the role as lead Arabian male for the 2013 Nutcracker. Bobby knew that Laura has had instilling memories, and has always fantasized about dancing the princess role and was a little hesitant in accepting. However, Laura is a strong-willed confident woman therefore; she encouraged her husband to take up the role. Meanwhile, rather than feeling resentful, she planned to brush up on her ballet skills, and started attending Vero Classical Ballet’s adult class.

The Arabian Princess In The Floor

Laura Guttridge In Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura believes that hard work, and determination can pay off, and in this case it certainly did. After several classes, the dance instructor Amy Trammel offered Laura the role of the Arabian princess for the 2013 Nutcracker. “I was screaming in my car, I called my mother and later Bobby”- Laura Guttridge. Laura knew she had a bundle of responsibility on her shoulders therefore; she worked hard preparing for her dream roll as the Arabian Princess with her Husband, and another male dancer. Laura managed to accomplish all this at age 50. Laura feels that nothing is impossible and if we continue with our confidence, there is no way we cannot achieve it.

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Animal activist Laura Guttridge recently co-chaired the fifth Annual fundraising event, “Chimps Kitchen” with Judy Van Saun. This event was organized to benefit “Save the Chimps Sanctuary” and was held at the beautiful Vero Beach Hotel & Spa on Ocean Drive.

Chimps Kitchen - To Benefit "Save The Chimps"

Laura Co-chaired Chimps Kitchen To Benefit “Save The Chimps”

Chimps Kitchen, A Celebrity Chef Tasting Event included vegetarian hors d’oeuvres and chimp-inspired cocktails, like banana daiquiris, which were being presented by Cruzan Banana Rum, and desserts were a highlight also brought in by local celebrity chefs.

Activist Laura Guttridge Co-chaired 'Chimps Kitchen'

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge in ‘Chimps Kitchen’ To benefit “Save The Chimps”

The event also included a silent auction, and raised thousands of much needs dollars to help provide a permanent sanctuary to over 250 chimpanzees that were rescued from research laboratories, and the pet trade.

The Humanitarian Award winner, Laura Guttridge along with Judy Van Saun, spoke to the large audience of more than 250 prestigious guests, informed them about the sanctuary, and released an informational video for the gathering.

“Save the Chimps “is the largest chimpanzee sanctuary’s in the world, where retired chimps can now live in large family groups on 12 separate three-acre islands. They receive 3 fresh meals a day, first rate medical care, and a variety of activities in an enriched environment.

This organization works on the grounds of a nonprofit making group, which works solely on the funding from the grants and donation it receives. The sanctuary is a 150-acre non-profit sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida, which was founded in1997 by the late Dr. Carole Noon.

Laura has always had the same ideology and passion for all animals. This holds truth as she has always encouraged the consumption of vegetarian diet. She believes that eating a diet that is low on the food chair, not only improves one’s own health, and saves animals lives, but it is also better for the overall health of the planet.

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Laura Guttridge modeled for Fashion Meets Art – a charitable fashion show at Costa d’Este on Ocean Dr. in Vero Beach, Florida. Laura looked extravagant in a beautiful red dress. The event was presented by Gallery 14, Blondie’s on Ocean, Cooper& Co. and Ocean Drive Jewelers where creative art work was showcased by Kim Xu, a Chinese artist and international photographer Gary Collins.

Model Laura Guttridge

Laura Guttridge Models For “Fashion Meets Art”

The charity fashion show was held to raise funds for various charities in Indian River County.

Laura Guttridge is a well known model and a passionate animal activist who has been a part of many demonstrations and protests against the use of animals for food, experimentation, the pet trade and fur. She completed her graduation in Philosophy from university of Central Florida. She was also the co-founded a small animal rights organization called Marion County Voices for Animals located in Central Florida. The group was formed to bring attention the suffering of animals, and it played an instrumental role in petitioning The Marion County Animal Shelter to stop killing unwanted stray animals with the cruel and out dated decompression chamber, and switch to more humane lethal injection.

Laura’s devotion and compassion for animals, was acknowledged in2007 when she was given The Humanitarian of the Year Award from The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County. In 2002 Laura was a one of the top signature gatherers for a ballot initiative that banned the cruel confinement of pigs on factory farms in Florida. Laura gathered over 5,000 signatures.

Laura Guttridge proved her dedication to animal rights after being arrested on two occasions for the cause, once in Florida’s Ocala National Forest while protesting the state Annual Youth Deer Hunt, and again while protesting against the use of fur in San Diego Ca.

Besides being a well known swimsuit model and animal rights activist, Laura has penned a book titled, ‘Gypsy the Christmas Cat’, which is based on her real life encounter with a cat named “Gypsy”. The book was written for children as Laura wants them to learn the essence of her unconditional love and care for animals.

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Laura has showed empathy and compassion for animals since she was a child. Before earning her degree in Philosophy from The Central University of Florida she was swimsuit model and became a finalist in The Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant in 1991. Later she was crowned Miss Budweiser 1998.  Throughout her modeling career she never gave up her passion for animals and started a small Animal Right Group at Ocala Florida called Marion Country Voices for Animals which was successful in petitioning the county’s animal shelter to stop using the outdated decompression chamber to kill unwanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection.


Laura Guttridge with Mrs Josefina

At many Gala’s and other Events Laura modeled as a  PETA Lettuce Lady to help promote  a vegan lifestyle.

LAURA recently co/chaired a fundraising event held at The Cobalt Room at The Vero Beach Hotel & Spa to benefit “Save the Chimps”, the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary. They provide permanent sanctuary to chimpanzees rescued from biomedical research, and the pet trade.

She is the co/ host of a television/internet talkshow called ‘Empowerment ‘ where she strongly encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Laura is the author of a book titled ‘Gypsy The Christmas cat’ where she writes about the life journey of a cat she rescued years ago.

Laura recently was the featured model for the glitzy event called “Fashion Meets Art” held at Costa De Este’s on Ocean Drive. The event raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

Laura’s real passion in life  is for the welfare of animals. She was arrested twice for civil dis-obedience during demonstrations, protesting the mistreatment of animals.

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Former swimsuit model and well known animal activist, Laura Guttridge organized an Earth Day celebration with husband, daughter &other members of the community. The event was joined by the residents of the Barrier Island and held at the corner of Beach land and Mockingbird Drive.The resident marked the event by chanting songs that expresses their support for saving the last remaining woodlands in Central Beach permanently. Earth Day celebrations are aimed at urging people to save the environment, and its inhabitants.


Other Attributes Of Laura ::

Ms Guttridge was asked to participate in the “ 2012 Dancing With The Vero’s Stars” event at The Riverside Theater .


The glitzy annual event helps raise funds to benefit The Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition. This charity event marked the participation of ten couples who preformed tangos, salsas and jitterbugs, along with some new twists and surprises. Popular animal activist and author Laura Guttridge danced the rhumba with independent dance instructor Thomas Isola.

This event was co-chaired by Joe Robinson, a Healthy Start board member, and Brenda Lloyd, a 2010 star dancer