Laura Guttridge

The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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Animal activist Laura Guttridge received The Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2007 by the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County. This award recognized Laura for her dedication to the protection of animals. Laura Guttridge was a top signature gather in 2002, collecting over 5,000 signatures that helped lead to the successful banning of the cruel confinement of pigs on factory farms in Florida. In the early 1990’s Laura started an animal rights organization called “Marion County Voices For Animals” located in Central Florida. MCVA successfully urged the local animal pound to stop using the out dated decompression chamber to kill un-wanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection.

Ani9mal Activist Laura Guttridge

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Central Florida. Her work as a student is published in the University’s library.

Her love and affection towards animals led to her to author a children’s book titled “Gypsy The Christmas Cat.” The book is based on the true life story of a stray cat, which she rescued many years ago. This book is published by The Strategic Book Group and was written to encourage children to have compassion for animals.


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“Gypsy the Christmas Cat” – A Holy Noble That Describes The Animal Love – By Laura Guttridge

Laura Guttridge is a well-known animal activist who dedicates countless hours to help raise the much needed funds for animal charities and other noble causes.Her love for animals started from her childhood days. Laura believes that animals should have the right to live their lives free from the suffering and pain caused by humans.


Gypsy The Christmas Cat - By Laura Guttridge

Gypsy The Christmas Cat by Laura Guttridge

Moreover, she is also an author of a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat” which is based on her own life experience with a cat she rescued many years ago.The book was published by The Strategic Book Group.This book was written for children, which teaches them about compassion, and respect towards animals. Its main aim is to create awareness among children to be patient and kind towards animals. The words used in this book clearly show her caring attitude towards animals. This book is still available on-line.


Laura Guttridge earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The University of Central Florida. Her work as a student is published in the university’s library. She was given the “2007 Humanitarian of The Year Award”presented to her by the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County for her hard work and dedication towards the cause of animals.


Laura Guttridge was also the founder of the small animal rights group called “Marion County Voices for Animals”based in Ocala, Florida. Presently, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Animal Rights Foundation in Florida. ARFF has been working for the protection of animals since 1989. She herself as a vegetarian also promotes a veg lifestyle through PETA ’s vegetarian starter kits.

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Laura has never denied her love for animals and has always come forward with utmost compassion and respect for them. She recently penned her caring nature for animals in a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat”.

"Gypsy The Christmas Cat" By Laura Guttridge

“Gypsy The Christmas Cat” – A holiday Tale Written By Activist Laura Guttridge

In “Gypsy the Christmas Cat” a simple act of kindness marks the beginning of Gypsy’s journey gently teaching children about compassion, patience, and trust along the way. Children adore the story of the homeless cat Gypsy, and the young girl who teaches her how to love, and trust.

“Gypsy the Christmas Cat provides a delightful message to children that all animals deserve a loving home, and protection. Children have an instinctive desire to help animals, and this story highlights the message of compassion.” -Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO of the Humane Society Of The United States.

Laura Guttridge graduated from The University Of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Her work as a student is published in the university library.

Activist Laura Received The 2007 Humanitarian Of The Year Award

Laura Guttridge was given “The 2007 Humanitarian Of The Year” Award By Humane Society

Laura Guttridge was honored with the 2007 Humanitarian of the year award by the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, for her dedication to the protection of animals.