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The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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Animal activist Laura Guttridge recently co-chaired the fifth Annual fundraising event, “Chimps Kitchen” with Judy Van Saun. This event was organized to benefit “Save the Chimps Sanctuary” and was held at the beautiful Vero Beach Hotel & Spa on Ocean Drive.

Chimps Kitchen - To Benefit "Save The Chimps"

Laura Co-chaired Chimps Kitchen To Benefit “Save The Chimps”

Chimps Kitchen, A Celebrity Chef Tasting Event included vegetarian hors d’oeuvres and chimp-inspired cocktails, like banana daiquiris, which were being presented by Cruzan Banana Rum, and desserts were a highlight also brought in by local celebrity chefs.

Activist Laura Guttridge Co-chaired 'Chimps Kitchen'

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge in ‘Chimps Kitchen’ To benefit “Save The Chimps”

The event also included a silent auction, and raised thousands of much needs dollars to help provide a permanent sanctuary to over 250 chimpanzees that were rescued from research laboratories, and the pet trade.

The Humanitarian Award winner, Laura Guttridge along with Judy Van Saun, spoke to the large audience of more than 250 prestigious guests, informed them about the sanctuary, and released an informational video for the gathering.

“Save the Chimps “is the largest chimpanzee sanctuary’s in the world, where retired chimps can now live in large family groups on 12 separate three-acre islands. They receive 3 fresh meals a day, first rate medical care, and a variety of activities in an enriched environment.

This organization works on the grounds of a nonprofit making group, which works solely on the funding from the grants and donation it receives. The sanctuary is a 150-acre non-profit sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida, which was founded in1997 by the late Dr. Carole Noon.

Laura has always had the same ideology and passion for all animals. This holds truth as she has always encouraged the consumption of vegetarian diet. She believes that eating a diet that is low on the food chair, not only improves one’s own health, and saves animals lives, but it is also better for the overall health of the planet.


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Well known swimsuit model and animal activist, Laura Guttridge co-chaired “Save the Chimps”, a charity fund raising event held at the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa.

Save The Chimp Project

A Noble Project For The Rescued Chimpanzees

The event was organized to raise funds for “Save the Chimps”, the world’s largest sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees.The sanctuary is located in Fort Pierce, and cares for 276 rescued chimps, that were once used for biomedical research, entertainment and the pet trade.

Activist Laura Guttridge

Activist Laura Guttridge Received Humanitarian Award For her Devotion.

Laura Guttridge, one of ten star dancers in this season’s 4th Annual Dancing with Vero’s Stars, benefiting the Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition, was the Event Chair for Chimps Kitchen. Laura Guttridge and Save the Chimps Executive, Philip Flynn spoke to an audience of more than 250 guests about the sanctuary and also introduced an informational video about it. For her love and dedication towards animals.

Laura Guttridge was awarded the 2007 Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Humane Society of Vero Beach. Since 1998 Laura has been on the  board of directorsfor The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

Her love and respect for animals was evident as a child,she is the author of  a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat”. The book is based on the real life story of a cat that Laura rescued many years ago.

The book inspires children to show compassionate to animals, and is easily available on a number of online stores.

Laura Guttridge graduated with a bachelors in philosophy from the University of Central Florida and her work as a student is published in the university library. To bring attention to the suffering of animals, she also established an animal rights group called Marion County Voices for Animals in Ocala. In the early 1090’s this group was instrumental in petitioning the Marion County Animal Shelter to stop using the outdated and barbaric gas chamber to kill unwanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection.