Laura Guttridge

The blog is an epitaph of my career milestones including my participations, achievements on several events like Save The Animal, Vegan Diet, my Book 'Gypsy The Christmas Cat' etc.

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Laura always loved ballet. As a little girl, living in Chicago; she danced ballet traveling in the EL train to take classes from the suburbs without fail.

Later on moving to Ocala Florida, she continued her passion for ballet. Laura was always inclined towards ballet as a genre of dance and each year right from teens to early 20s, auditioned for the local production of ‘The Nutcracker” ballet. She always hoped to be casted for the most glamorous role as the Arabian Princess. However, to her dismay, she was never chosen for that role, and was instead always casted as a flower, snowflake, mouse, or candy cane.

Laura Guttridge Preparing For Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura Guttridge – Before Ballet Performance In Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura never gave up on her passion and lived her dreams through her daughter Celeste, by putting her in Vero Classical Ballet’s Annual Nutcracker. Laura’s husband, Lawyer Bobby is a fantastic dancer himself, based on which he was offered the role as lead Arabian male for the 2013 Nutcracker. Bobby knew that Laura has had instilling memories, and has always fantasized about dancing the princess role and was a little hesitant in accepting. However, Laura is a strong-willed confident woman therefore; she encouraged her husband to take up the role. Meanwhile, rather than feeling resentful, she planned to brush up on her ballet skills, and started attending Vero Classical Ballet’s adult class.

The Arabian Princess In The Floor

Laura Guttridge In Nutcracker Afternoon

Laura believes that hard work, and determination can pay off, and in this case it certainly did. After several classes, the dance instructor Amy Trammel offered Laura the role of the Arabian princess for the 2013 Nutcracker. “I was screaming in my car, I called my mother and later Bobby”- Laura Guttridge. Laura knew she had a bundle of responsibility on her shoulders therefore; she worked hard preparing for her dream roll as the Arabian Princess with her Husband, and another male dancer. Laura managed to accomplish all this at age 50. Laura feels that nothing is impossible and if we continue with our confidence, there is no way we cannot achieve it.


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Former swimsuit model and well known animal activist, Laura Guttridge organized an Earth Day celebration with husband, daughter &other members of the community. The event was joined by the residents of the Barrier Island and held at the corner of Beach land and Mockingbird Drive.The resident marked the event by chanting songs that expresses their support for saving the last remaining woodlands in Central Beach permanently. Earth Day celebrations are aimed at urging people to save the environment, and its inhabitants.


Other Attributes Of Laura ::

Ms Guttridge was asked to participate in the “ 2012 Dancing With The Vero’s Stars” event at The Riverside Theater .


The glitzy annual event helps raise funds to benefit The Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition. This charity event marked the participation of ten couples who preformed tangos, salsas and jitterbugs, along with some new twists and surprises. Popular animal activist and author Laura Guttridge danced the rhumba with independent dance instructor Thomas Isola.

This event was co-chaired by Joe Robinson, a Healthy Start board member, and Brenda Lloyd, a 2010 star dancer

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Laura Guttridge, is a former swimsuit model, and animal right activist who has participated in countless demonstrations against the exploitation of animals. She has been fighting for the rights of animals since she was a child.

Laura Guttridge

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge, was the founder of a small animal rights group called Marion County Voices for Animals, in Ocala Florida. The group convinced the Marion County Animal Shelter to stop using the outdated decompression chamber for killing unwanted animals, and switch to the more humane lethal injection.

She is also a member of the board of directors for The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, an animal rights organization that promotes the rights, and ethical treatment of animals.

Laura Guttridge studied philosophy at The University of Central Florida and her work as a student is published in the university library. As an Author, Laura Guttridge has written a book titled “Gypsy the Christmas Cat”, which is based on the story of a real life cat named Gypsy. The book inspires children to love, respect, and nurture animals. The delightful holiday tale was published by The Strategic Book Group, and is available on various online stores.

Laura Guttridge - Animal Right Activist

Laura Guttridge Encourages a Vegan Lifestyle.

Laura Guttridge encourages people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, for not only the animals, but for their own health, and the health of the planet as well.  She has also participa

ted in the promotion of PETA’S Vegetarian Starter Kit. At the 20th Gala for The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, she promoted a vegetarian lifestyle by modeling as one of the “lettuce ladies.” The event was attended by celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and was hosted by Bob Barker.

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge

Animal Activist Laura Guttridge

Her dedication for protecting the rights of animals is evident from the fact that she has been arrested on two different occasions during protests to protect animals. The first time she was arrested while protesting against Florida’s Annual Youth Deer Hunt in the Ocala National Forest, and the second time for being a part of an anti-fur protest held by San Diego Animal Advocates.

For her selfless contributions for the protection of animals, Laura Guttridge was honored with The 2007 Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Humane Society of Vero Beach.